Numbers to 100 000 (Place Values)

Whole numbers are positive numbers that don’t have any fractions or decimals. For example, 867is a whole number (while 867.5 is not).

Digits are the symbols that go into numbers: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 are digits. 867 is not a digit, but it is made up of three of them (8,6, and 7).

Place is where a digit is in a number. In 867, the number 8 is in the hundreds place, 6 is in the tens place, and 7 is in the ones place.

Place value is how much each digit is worth, based on what place it has in a number. You can find a digit’s place value by multiplying it times its place. For example, the 8 in 867 actually has a place value of 800 (or 8×100), since it’s in the hundreds place. Similarly, 7 in 867 just has a place value of 7, since it’s in the ones place (7×1).

The place value of digits in numbers can also be represented using base-ten blocks and can help us write numbers in their expanded form. 
Here’s how the number 13 548 can be represented using base-ten blocks.

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