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Safety Precautions

General safety precautions

  1. Remove power from the circuit or equipment prior to working on it.
  2. Remove and replace fuses only after the power to the circuit has been deenergized.
  3. Make sure all equipment is properly grounded.
  4. Use extreme caution when removing or installing batteries containing acid.
  5. Use cleaning fluids only in well- ventilated spaces.
  6. Dispose of cleaning rags and other flammable materials in tightly closed metal containers.
  7. In case of an electrical fire, deenergized the circuit and report it immediately to the appropriate authority.

Personal safety precautions

  1. Work only in clean, dry areas.
  2. Do not wear loose or flapping clothing.
  3. Wear only non conductive shoes.
  4. Do not use bare hands to remove hot parts.
  5. Use a shorting stick to remove high-voltage charges on capacitor.
  6. Make certain that the equipment being used is properly grounded with polarized plugs.

Hand tools

  1. Always use the proper tool for the job.
  2. When carrying tools, always keep the cutting edge down.
  3. Keep hands clean when using tools.
  4. Clamp small pieces when using a hacksaw, screwdriver, or soldering iron.
  5. Disconnect all electrical devices by pulling directly on the plug, never the cord.
  6. When cutting the wire, always cut one wire at a time to avoid damaging the cutting tool.


  1. Always assume the soldering iron is hot.
  2. Always place the soldering iron in its holder when idling.
  3. Never shake excess solder off the tip.
  4. Never pass a soldering iron to another person; place it in the holder.
  5. Never solder on a circuit that has power applied to it.


  1. SEIRE OR SORT-sorting means to sort everything in each work area.
  2. SEITON OR SET – to organize , arrange and identify everything in work area for an efficient and effective and return of the irams in theei proper places.
  3. SEISO OR SWEEP- once you have everything in the work area sorted-up, clean-up, and organized, keep it that way
  4. SEIKETSO OR STANDARDIZE – to ensure that the first three steps in the 5S program are done effectively, the fourth step is to simplify and to standardize actions.
  5. SHITSUKE OR SUSTAIN – the final step is to continue the workers and maintaining the workplace standards.
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